A3 Dumplings
Fried dumplings
Pork chicken or shrimp dumplings (Fried 5 pcs, steamed 6 pcs)
A4 JapChae Vegetarian
Stir fried sweet potato noodles and vegetables
A6 Kimchi Jun Vegetarian Spicy
Kimchi Jun
Kimchi and green onion pancake
A7 Haemool Pajun
Haemool Pajun
Seafood and green onion pancake


$10 (s)

A8 Tuck Po Ki Vegetarian Spicy
Tuck Po Ki
Stir fried rice cake with vegetables

See Korean Palace full menu (PDF)

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Korean Palace Special Dish

F3 Steamed GamjaTang Spicy

Steamed pork bone-in, soybean sprouts and green onions


F4 Osam Bulgogi Spicy
Osam Bulgogi
Sautéed squid and boneless pork with vegetables
F5 Jaeyook BokUm Spicy
Jeyook Bokkeum
Sautéed boneless pork with vegetables
F6 Tofu Kimchi Spicy
Tofu Kimchi


Deep fried chickern with sweet spicy sauce



F11 Jokbal Spicy
Steamed pork hocks served with seasoned soybean paste, shrimp sauce and lettuce



* Vegetarian Vegetarian Spicy Spicy

See Korean Palace full menu (PDF)

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